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This step creates order and nourishes the hair!

After washing, you should detangle your hair. Conditioners such as Faith in Nature Citrus and Seaweed are suitable for this, or, for that extra bit of slip for particularly tangled hair, the Flora & Curl Leave-In Detangler.

Distribute enough product through the hair so that it is completely soaked and slippery. Then start to carefully and gently detangle your hair from the ends and slowly work your way up. I prefer to detangle directly with my hands.

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GIOVANNI Direct Leave-In Weightless Conditioner
  • von €3,90
FLORA & CURL - Curl Activating Lotion
  • €23,50


FLORA & CURL - Leave-In Detangler
  • €23,50
FAITH IN NATURE - Seaweed & Citrus Conditioner
  • €9,90
Giovanni - Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor
  • €12,90
INNER SENSE - I Create Volume
  • von €9,90


DENMAN Tradition D3
  • €16,90


Flora & Curl | Mini Essentials Kit - travel set for curl care and styling
  • €36,90
  • €34,90
Curl Activating Lotion + Satin Cap
  • €34,90