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Curl styling

Styling includes various moves and techniques as well as products.

Satin sleeping cap
  • €14,90
GIOVANNI Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo
  • von €3,90
GIOVANNI - LA Strong Hold Styling Gel
  • von €3,90
GIOVANNI Direct Leave-In Weightless Conditioner
  • von €3,90
FLORA & CURL - Curl Activating Lotion
  • €23,50


FLORA & CURL - Leave-In Detangler
  • €23,50
FAITH IN NATURE - Seaweed & Citrus Conditioner
  • €9,90
GIOVANNI - Styling Foam
  • €12,90
INNER SENSE - I Create Hold
  • von €9,90
FLORA & CURL - Cream Shampoo
  • €20,50
INNER SENSE - I Create Lift
  • von €14,90
FLORA & CURL - Cream Conditioner
  • €23,90

7 steps to curl love

Find products for caring for, styling & dealing with your natural curls & waves!

1. (Intensive) care
2. Clean
3. Detangling & Leave-In
4. Styling
5. Drying
6. Finish
7. Protect
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Curl Love Blog

Love letters to your curls

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The philosophy of curly love

We want to help as many curly-haired people as possible unleash their natural beauty!

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Curly love before and after

The Curly Girl method works. Here you can see the before and after comparisons of coachees from curl coaching with Marina :)

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