How the 7 steps of curl love will help you on your way to healthy hair.

Dear Locki,

I am very pleased that you want to care for and style your curls or waves according to your needs using the Curly Girl method. You will see that this will be a decision that will help you gain a new portion of self-love and self-confidence! Live in harmony with your nature and your body will thank you :)

How can the Lockenliebe shop help you?
First of all, I want to briefly explain why this is not a conventional online shop and how you will find help and instructions here beyond the products.

The Curls Love Shop was created as an extension of the “Learn to Love Curls” coaching program with me, Marina. I would like to make it easier for you to access a selection of my favorite products.

But this shop should be more than just a way to buy products. Over time, it is intended to offer you more and more information and guidance about which products are suitable for your hair, what properties the products offered here have, and how you can best use them according to your needs.

Here you will find a constantly growing guide so that you can find the right products as a beginner to the method, or as an advanced user you can get new ideas to refresh your routine.

At the moment you will find a lovingly compiled selection sorted into categories of the " 7 steps to curly love " on this page. Little by little, I will publish content for each step and also for the individual products that will give you an insight into what the individual steps mean, how they should be carried out, and which products in each category are best suited to your hair.

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My aim is to explain everything as beginner-friendly as possible so that you, even if you are new to the method, can make a good initial assessment of whether the product is for you.

Would you like to delve deeper into the subject, get to know the properties and needs of your hair better and understand which products can optimally care for it? Then please contact me for individual coaching. Together we can rock your hair! Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, optimize your curl routine in a relaxed manner.

And as a first orientation, please take a look around this page. Here you will find the right products for you.

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In that sense, happy browsing and have fun discovering and learning to love your curls.

Best regards,
Your Marina