Satin and silk for healthy curls

Dear curly friends,

Do I already use satin and silk for your curl care? 

Satin and silk are two materials that are extremely beneficial for curly hair. 

Curly hair, unlike straight hair, is highly susceptible to dryness and damage because the scalp's natural oils have a harder time reaching the ends of the hair, which causes curly hair to dry out more quickly. Satin and silk help retain moisture in the hair. This reduces the risk of hair breakage and split ends. 

The smooth and soft texture of satin and silk acts gently on the hair, preventing the curls from breaking or tangling.

In addition, satin and silk also have the advantage of causing less friction on the hair than other materials such as cotton or synthetic fabrics. The hair therefore rubs against each other less, resulting in less frizz. That's why satin and side help curly hair stay defined longer and the styling lasts longer throughout the week.

Therefore, to protect your curls, you should consider incorporating satin or silk into your curl routine. This means your curls stay frizz-free for longer and there is less hair breakage and split ends . You will immediately notice a huge difference!

 It is important to protect your curls, especially at night. This is where the highest risk of frizz, tangled curls and hair breakage occurs. You can use a silk pillowcase or a satin sleeping cap. Both products ensure that the curls are exposed to little friction at night. The sleeping cap is particularly practical for traveling. However, if someone is bothered by wearing a hood while sleeping, a silk pillowcase is the better option.

If you often wear a ponytail and generally use a hair tie, then I recommend using a silk scrunchie. Since hairstyles put a lot of strain on the hair roots, silk scrunchies help put less strain on the scalp. 

We also have great beanies with a satin inlay for cold temperatures. Because the hat is satin, it rubs minimally against your hair. After wearing the hat, your curls will still be defined and frizz-free. 

Feel free to try out our satin and silk products to notice a quick and clear difference!

Xoxo, Leah