Product test: INNERSENSE | Hydrating Hair Masque

Part 1: Overview

Application Step 1 - (Intensive) Care 
Crowd 🟢 very little per application
Briefs 💧💧💧
humidity 🌊 🌊
Proteins 🥚 few
richness 🏗 easy - medium
CGM safe

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Part 2: Experience report

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I have already tried a lot of masks. And this one is my absolute personal favorite. This has become my number 1 all-purpose miracle weapon for both myself and my coachees.

To be honest, I was very skeptical as to whether this product was overpriced, as the relatively small tube has a hefty price tag. However, after the first application I realized that looks can be deceiving. Compared to my previous favorite treatment - Shea Moisture Frizz Defense, which has unfortunately been discontinued - I used incredibly little product for this treatment. I have medium-thick and medium-thick hair that falls down to my shoulders. For this I only needed 3cm of the very thick product, which comes out of the tube as sausages. I had to mix this with a lot of water to achieve an easily spreadable consistency. I took about 1cm in my hand, then held it under the tap and then mixed the product with the water in my hands. I then worked it into damp hair, starting at the ends. I repeated this process 3 times. I twisted the "marinated" hair into a bun, put it in a shower cap, and put a towel turban over it to reflect the body heat and allow the treatment to work even better. After 45 minutes I rinsed it again.

What struck me as very positive was the phenomenal slip that this treatment provides when you rinse it out. I was able to untangle my hair while rinsing it without any problem. Otherwise I had only ever felt this effect to this extent with detangler rinses. For me, a treatment was never the medium to help me detangle my hair, and that's why I'm very impressed with it.

With the small amount required, the treatment lasts extremely long. It's still a rather expensive product, I would describe it as the BMW 5 Series of cures. Yes, my professional background in the automotive industry sometimes comes through, so you'll have to get used to that ;) What I mean by that is that it's a luxury product, even if not in an absolutely astronomical price range, because despite the small tube it's quite lasts a long time.

When it comes to hair products, I've always been an advocate for the best results possible. More about this in my last blog post. My conclusion there: Price is not a measure of a good product, but the really good products are mostly in the more expensive price segment because they have higher quality, nourishing ingredients. My favorites are simply worth their price, which is why I'm happy to recommend them.

Especially with a hair treatment and a co-wash condition, it is particularly important to me that the ingredients are extremely good. A treatment should make the hair healthy as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is with a high-quality recipe.

And you can find this high-quality formula in the Hydrating Hair Masque from Innersense. More about this in part 3 of the product test, in the INCI Check, where we take a closer look at the ingredients.

Part 3: Ingredients


The Hydrating HairMasque is a complex product made up of over 50 components. I'm usually a fan of short, clear ingredient lists because you can get a quicker idea of ​​the ingredients there. But I'm willing to make an exception for this treatment for good reason, because it's full of natural, high-quality care ingredients. A very low water content is paired with many different oils, including oils from: safflower, jojoba, coconut, lavender, orange, avocado and evening primrose. Added to this is the small amount of shea butter, which makes this treatment rich, but without weighing it down like other treatments with a larger butter content do.

Various plant extracts also provide a cocktail of nutrients, for example: apple, linseed, rice, dandelion, sage, lemon balm and a few more.

The treatment contains quite a lot of glycerin, as it is listed as one of the first ingredients. During a treatment, the glycerin opens the cuticle layer to ensure that the nourishing ingredients can penetrate into the hair as well as possible when "marinating" with the treatment, just like the water that is so urgently needed for many beginners. Since a hair treatment is rinsed out, it only rarely affects the absorption and release of water after washing. Glycerin in hair treatments therefore has a positive effect on the vast majority and should not be avoided for this reason, except in the rarest individual cases where even this glycerin can trigger frizz.

A small proportion of very small proteins (amino acids) build up minimal defects inside the hair, large damaged areas in the cuticle layer of the hair are repaired by the very subtle proportion of large proteins (hydr. quinoa protein). You hardly have to expect an excess of protein with this product, as the proteins are very far down in the list of ingredients and are therefore only contained in very small quantities. The amino acids in the treatment are particularly useful for hair with low porosity, as often only these very small proteins have a chance of penetrating through the relatively closed cuticle layer and working inside the hair.

The “shortcoming” of the treatment is the use of the quaternary cationic surfactant GuarHydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride. Such ingredients carry a positive charge, which can ensure that the hair becomes less static and the surface is cared for. This is a very effective means of care, especially for damaged hair. Some hair types are sensitive to the positive charge, which in this case can cause product buildup. This can be the case, especially with low porosity. In most cases, however, such a build-up can be remedied with a vinegar rinse or a clay wash, which is why I find this group of ingredients more of an asset than a burden.

‍Part 4: Conclusion


The Hydrating HairMasque from Innersense is a super productive and very nourishing all-rounder treatment for different hair types. The hefty price is absolutely justified by the outstanding care it provides and the low amount of product required per application. With many high-quality oils and care ingredients, it nourishes the hair extensively. A small proportion of very small proteins (amino acids) build up defects inside the hair, large areas of damage to the cuticle layer of the hair are repaired by the very subtle proportion of large proteins (hydr. quinoa protein). My absolute spa favorite!

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