Product test: INNERSENSE | Hamonic Hair Oil

Part 1: Overview

Application Step 1 - (Intensive) Care & Step 5 - Finish
Crowd 🟢 little per application
Briefs 💧💧
humidity 🌊 Locks in moisture in the hair
Proteins ❌ none
richness 🏗 easy
CGM safe


More about the ingredients?
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Part 2: Experience report


Oils have a wide range of uses in hair care. This oil combines many great properties thanks to its composition:
The composition of this oil makes the hair supple. It locks moisture in the hair and scalp, thereby protecting it from drying out. This is especially for highly porous hair. Without sealing the moisture, it usually only appears on the 1st and 2nd. Look fresh and well-nourished the day after washing your hair. The moisture is sucked out of the hair on its own, especially under certain environmental conditions. A few drops of oil for styling or as a finish work wonders!

This oil has become my regular companion, even on the couch in the evening.

I regularly treat myself to a scalp massage with the HarmonicOil and my favorite tool, my scalp massage claw. But more on that in a later product test.

To treat the scalp, I apply the oil to a damp scalp, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash it out with a thorough scalp massage.

Alternatively, I distribute a small amount onto the scalp with a scalp massage. Then I just let it soak in. This can protect dry scalps from drying out - especially if you work on the scalp with your wet fingers beforehand. The Harmonic helps with my dry scalp, which I am unfortunately prone to due to neurodermatitis

Treatment oil, paired with regular scalp massage, helps to get and maintain good skin condition. The ingredients mentioned in Part 3 can also help and provide relief for other ailments.

Another option is to use the oil as a pre-poo for the lengths. Before washing my hair, I add enough oil to the lengths and let it work for 2-12 hours. This treatment is particularly recommended before using shampoo.

To nourish and seal the ends of the hair, I sometimes spread 1-2 drops into damp hair with my fingertips.

If I apply the same thing to dry hair as a whim, it gives the hair a bit of suppleness and reduces friction. However, it can only seal moisture into the hair for a short time after washing. Only the moisture that is already contained in the hair is trapped. Oil doesn't provide moisture, but it can keep it in the hair.

The Harmonic Treatment Oil can also be applied to any part of the body that needs a little more care. For example, it is ideal for dry cuticles, scars, stretch marks or skin irritations!

Part 3: Ingredients


The oils used in this oil blend are of very high quality. If normal oil mixtures contain cheaper oils such as sunflower or coconut oil as carrier oil, this is based exclusively on high-quality oils and therefore omits the inexpensive carrier oil component.

The above-mentioned sealing effect is guaranteed by some oils in particular. One of the magic agents when it comes to sealing is jojoba oil: it locks in moisture without weighing it down.

Rosemary oil stimulates hair growth when used regularly. A study even shows comparable effectiveness to that of the most successful medications!

The active ingredient minoxidil is part of the most effective drug to date that can stimulate hair growth. A well-known study has now followed test subjects in order to compare this active ingredient with rosemary oil with regular, long-term use.

The result: Rosemary is in no way inferior in effectiveness to this medication, which is advertised on many sides! Both groups showed comparable, increased hair growth after six months. Another victory for nature! Why use expensive remedies when good old rosemary oil does the same thing?

The oil of the safflower flower is also very rich in vitamins and is known for its blood circulation-promoting properties. This can ensure that hair growth makes better use of its natural potential.

Another ingredient is evening primrose oil, which is ideal for irritated skin - whether on the scalp or body.

It is also used outside of hair care, for example to treat dry skin caused by neurodermatitis. Do you have an irritated scalp? Then this oil is just right for you.

Other high-quality oils, for example from tamanu, macadamia, hazelnut or lotus, round off this very healing oil mixture. It makes the hair supple and effectively locks in moisture without weighing it down.

‍Part 4: Conclusion


This oil is a very high quality care oil. Many emollient oils and flower essences are included, including tamanu, evening primrose and macadamia oil. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, nourishes the scalp and hair and seals moisture in the hair. Great for sensitive scalps! Also helps to stimulate hair growth when used regularly.

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