Product Review - I Create Volume by Innersense


💡 Application: Step 4 - Styling 

💡 Amount per application: 🟢 little 

💡 Briefs 💧💧 

💡 Stop: 💎 easy 

💡 Humidity: 🌊 🌊 🌊 much 

💡 Proteins: 🥚🥚 Rice protein (medium large) 

💡 Richness: 🏗 light 

💡 CGM safe: ✅ 


More information about the ingredients? 

👉 See picture and part 3 



I categorize this product as a light leave-in or even a very light, natural gel. It provides very good moisture without weighing you down. The recipe is completely free of oil and butter, but has a high proportion of humectants, including little glycerin. 


It is very liquid and therefore spreads easily through the hair. Because it is so light, it is particularly suitable for fine hair. You can also use it as a refresher to massage any frizz back into bundles. 




I Create Volume is based on a high proportion of aloe vera. It effectively moisturizes the hair. At the same time it belongs to the group of film-forming humectants. The film formed by aloe vera around the hair can cause a cast, but even without a cast it locks moisture in the hair and protects it from external influences. The formula contains sorbitol, honey and glycerin as additional humectants. They help moisturize the hair. At the same time they give volume. By the way: In very dry or humid weather, a sealing layer of gel, foam or oil without humectants can help prevent too much moisture exchange with the air. 

The leave-in is completely free of oil and butter, which gives it its lightness. In addition, it is enriched with many natural extracts that nourish the hair - including rooibos, chamomile, eucalyptus and ginkgo. 




 I Create Volume is a very light leave-in gel that is largely made up of water and aloe vera. Other humectants help keep the hair hydrated. Numerous natural extracts and rice protein care primarily for fine hair without weighing it down. A great leave-in for anyone who doesn't want to weigh down their hair.