Curl styling tips from Lea

Dear curly friends,

As promised, this time it's about the favorite part of my hair routine: styling ! With the right method, you can style your curls so that they stay defined and frizz-free all day long. Depending on the hair structure, the curls will still look perfect after several days. The secret weapon in styling is called the LOC method. It works wonders for any curly structure that needs a lot of moisture. So perfect for Afro hair!

The LOC method consists of three steps:

Step 1: L for: Leave in Conditioner

After washing my hair, I immediately apply my leave in conditioner. Make sure that your hair is not too wet but not too dry when applying. The general rule is: it's better to be too wet than too dry, otherwise frizz will occur during styling. When using leave in conditioner, make sure that it does not contain parabens, sulfates and silicones. If your hair is rather thin and loses volume quickly, make sure that the leave in is light and thin. If you have thicker, voluminous hair, you can use thick or buttery leave ins. Try it out and pay attention to what curl structure the leave ins are for. If you have 2a curls, then products for 4b curls are far too heavy. For example, for 2b to 3b curls I can recommend Leave In Detangler from Flora and Curl.

Step 2: O for Oil (Optional)

Depending on the hair structure, a hair oil may be necessary after the leave in. The oil helps the hair retain moisture and forms a protective film around the hair. When applying I focus on the ends of the hair but don't neglect the scalp. However, this step is only optional because there are hair types that don't like oil. People should use oil sparingly, especially if they have thin hair. Try out the hair routine with and without oil and see when your curls feel best. You can also try different oils. My favorites are almond oil and argan oil. I'm also a fan of coconut oil, but in the long run it dries out my hair because it contains a lot of protein. However, if your hair tolerates proteins well, coconut oil is also a good option. 

3rd step: C for Cream 

Finally I use a styling cream. For thinner hair, I would recommend a mousse instead of a styling cream. I apply the Styling Cream mainly to the ends before styling my hair with the Denman Brush to define my curl structure. The Denman Brush curls my curls the most. Finger coiling also works very well. This gives me the best definition and lots of volume. Depending on your needs, I add Coiling Styling Cream to each one. For 2b to 3b curls, the Curl Activation Lotion from Flora and Curl is very good. It does not reduce the volume of the hair, but still provides the necessary moisture, making the curls look beautifully defined. 

And voila! The hair is already styled. I always let my hair air dry, but a diffuser does the job quicker and also adds nice volume. But try to avoid heat as much as possible. 

How do you style your hair? Do you already know the LOC method or do you swear by a completely different method?

See you next time,