Curl styling product test for “I Create Lift” from INNERSENSE

💡💡 PART 1: OVERVIEW 💡💡  

💡 Application: Step 4 - Styling 

💡 Stop: 💎 easy 

💡 Humidity: 🌊 Locks in moisture in the hair 

💡 Proteins: 🥚🥚 Rice protein (medium large) 

💡 Richness: 🏗 light 

💡 CGM safe: ✅ 


More information about the ingredients? 

👉 See picture and part 3 





I'm usually not a big fan of using mousse on my own hair as gel tends to give me more hold. I still wanted to give the great ingredients from I Create Lift a chance. And not for nothing, because I was pleasantly surprised! The foam alone provides light hold, which is particularly beneficial for fine hair as the product does not weigh it down. I really liked it, especially as a refresher. Especially on wash days that gave me less volume than I had hoped, this foam often worked wonders when refreshing! With a little water and the foam worked in using praying hands and scrunching, my hair was really voluminous after the refresh. Wonderful! 





At Innersense, the name of the product really says it all. This is also the case with I Create Lift - and this is reflected in many of the ingredients. 


The natural holding agents aloe vera and honey ensure a mild hold. Glycerin, sorbitol, and honey are also humectants that can help hair stay hydrated. At the same time they provide volume. The mild surfactants in the foam also give volume. In particular, lifting damp, half or completely dry hair at the roots with a little foam in the palms of your hands or in the comb can help create a lot of additional volume at the roots! Try it. By the way: In very dry or humid weather, a sealing layer of gel or oil without humectants can help prevent too much moisture exchange with the air. 


A good portion of rice proteins ensure the bounce of the curls and support damaged hair, for example due to heat damage and lightened hair. Highly porous and fine hair benefit the most from this medium-sized protein. To ensure the balance between proteins and moisture, protein-containing products should be used alternately and in doses with pure moisture products without proteins as needed. 


The foam is free of butter and does not contain coconut. Nevertheless, a low concentration of various oils helps to make the hair supple and seal moisture in the hair. A good solution for fine, highly porous hair that needs sealing without weighing it down! 





A great foam that gives light hold and, above all, a lot of volume. Ideal for refreshing, as a supplement to stronger hold products or as the only styling product, especially for fine hair. Highly porous hair benefits from sealing oils without being weighed down. A tip for anyone looking for a high-quality, protein-containing styling product.