Recommended drugstore products?

In the last blog post I already told you what the concept of the shop should be. It is intended to help you on your way to healthy and beautiful hair by selecting my absolute favorite products.

But why do I recommend this particular selection of products?

Can't I also recommend Curly Girl safe products from the drugstore?

The question would be: Are there Curly Girl safe products from the drugstore?
Or: Can I follow the Curly Girl method on a budget?

Then my answer is: Absolutely!

But can I recommend drugstore products? Barely.

One funny exception comes to mind though - have you ever styled your hair with lube? In most cases it is quite high quality, but unfortunately it is not that cheap when calculated per ml. For those who haven't heard it yet - no joke, give it a try.

But back to the topic: Why don't I recommend drugstore products?

When it comes to hair products, I've always been an advocate for the best results possible. I still remember that at the beginning of the Curly Girl Method I thought that I would start with high-quality products and then look for cheap alternatives in the drugstore that produced similarly good effects. I just wanted to see what was going on so that I could then judge whether there were also solutions available from the drugstore. What happened? I never gave up on my standards. On the contrary, the more I looked into ingredients, the more I realized why some products are so expensive and others are so cheap.

The Curly Girl method avoids sulfates, silicones, mineral oils, waxes and drying alcohols. But this means that there are no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to the remaining ingredients in the product. And these can be natural and nourishing, or simply cosmetic fillers, which, according to the method, do not cause much damage to the hair, but on the other hand only provide little care. There are even a lot of things that the Curly Girl method allows, but my personal filters don't let through. Formaldehyde and paraben are just two examples.

Are you looking for cheap alternatives? Instead of drugstore products, I like to recommend do-it-yourself recipes! Super nourishing and natural, they can produce great results. The only disadvantage from my perspective: I'm personally just too lazy for it. Yes, there are really 2 factions. Group A says: Flaxseed gel is super easy and quick to make. And group B says: It's too complicated for me. To my shame, I belong to faction B. Even though I absolutely praise DYI recipes, I'm simply too lazy for that. And beyond this alternative, I have to say, expensive does not equal good, but the vast majority of products that meet my strict criteria are in the higher price range. Because they are simply worth it.

I also select the products in the Lockenliebe shop using such advanced filters. High-quality, natural products with a high density of nourishing substances for skin and hair.

I have the feeling that with finished products it's just like this: If you use the "Curly Girl Safe" filter and also additional filters for high-quality, natural products, the selection of available hair products really narrows down. Quality has its price. Except flaxseed. Simple, cheap, and super healthy for skin and hair.

Can you still follow the method with drugstore products if, like me, you're not into DYI?

Yes, of course. The Curly Girl method filters out a lot that isn't good for skin and hair when used regularly. If you only look for the Curly Girl safe products among the natural cosmetics, it's all the better, even if the selection is somewhat limited. But more on that in a later blog post. But if you switch from common cosmetics to Curly Girl safe, or even to natural cosmetics, you are doing your skin and hair a favor, even with inexpensive products. It's still better than the alternative. Why I don't recommend it is very simple: I don't want better, I want to aim for the best :) Because with the right care and suitable styling you can gain so much in health, self-worth and quality of life that you can't save money here should if you can basically afford the high-quality products.

Choose your path: DYI or high-quality products.

Which faction do you belong to?

With that in mind, all the best,
Your marina